Teen’s Response When Her Ex Asked For His Prom Money Back Has People Talking

Prom is probably one of the biggest events that mark the end of high school… besides graduation. It’s the culmination of the four years where you’ve matured as a person with all your peers and even some faculty.

Students actually take prom very seriously, planning their outfits months ahead and getting their hair and makeup done professionally. Maria was one high school student who had the same expectations for her prom, only to be let down by her boyfriend of one year.

When the senior in Colorado dealt with her boyfriend of one year calling it quits before prom, she didn’t let it tear her down. Instead, she held her head high and dealt with the situation probably in the most epic way possible.

Read on to find out!

Maria was a high school senior that was just as excited for prom as any other high school senior would be. Therefore, when her boyfriend called her, telling her that he was ending their relationship, she was heartbroken.

As if she wasn’t already disappointed enough, later on she found out that her boyfriend was going to be attending another prom… with another girl!

Then, when you though he couldn’t make anything worse, he has the audacity to ask Maria to give back the 95 dollars he spent purchasing items for the prom. 

His text said: “However you need to get my money back is up to you. I can pick it up, or you can drop it off whichever is convenient for you. I need it today or tomorrow.”

At this point, Maria had had enough. She started to think of what she could do to get back at him for going about handling things so poorly. 

She didn’t want to inflict any real harm, just give him a taste of his own medicine so that he could understand just how wrong he was. 

That’s when she came up with the plan.

Maria went to different banks and collected the 95 dollars so she could pay him back… but she didn’t get them in bills. She got the money in pennies. 

95 dollars in pennies can be a lot. So much that it actually filled an entire three huge jars and one smaller jar. 

She left all 4 jars at his door step with a short note: “Here’s every cent of your $95. Have fun at prom :)”

She was so pleased with what she did that she actually went ahead to post it on social media, giving her audience a good laugh all while putting her boyfriend under the spotlight (not the good kind). 

She even tweeted to clarify the reasons behind her actions: “My ex of 11 months dumped me a week before prom and he asked for his money back to go to another prom.”

Her tweet didn’t go unnoticed. Instead, she received a huge amount of positive feedback with people all over the world supporting her strength and her sass in the situation. 

Some merely gave her credit for the way she went about things, while others went ahead and called her their hero. 

Her ex didn’t remain silent in the matter. He tweeted: “When you break up with your crazy [expletive] ex and she swears she pissed you off but really she just made you laugh. I can’t wait for prom 2k17.”

Luckily, Maria remained unfazed. In fact, one of her good friends asked her to go to the prom with him not long after the breakup. Who’s the real winner here? Not her ex!

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