7 Biggest Dating Fails

Relationships… can’t live with them and can’t live without them. All relationships have their ups and downs and you know what they say: the higher the highs, the lower the lows. We all know the “high’s” of a relationship, most people address these good times as the “honey moon” phase with the kisses, the cuddles, and the nonstop holding of hands.

However, the “lows” of a relationship, although tragic at times, are a much funnier topic of focus. We’re here to show you 7 of the biggest dating fails because they’re that much more exciting.

Read on and attempt to make another person’s romantic misery your source of laughter and happiness.

No Such Thing As A Free Date

No date is actually free. Some gentlemen are cheap and some ladies are expensive, these opposites never actually work out.

Breakup Texts Are Wack

No one wants to ever be broken up over text because in person it makes it more difficult. This guy had to drive all the way to her to surprise her and  he found out  she just wants to break up.

High Standards

Everyone has high standards, everyone just has a different perspective. People that are ugly don’t actually think they are as ugly as someone might think they are.

Cat Ladies

Cat ladies have to be the hardest people to ever date. They can never split up with their cats, even during intercourse!

What Happens After The First Kiss

If they show what happens after every romantic kiss all movies would have to be rated R. Let everyone just use their imagination on what happens after the kiss.

The Honeymoon Stage

In every relationship there is the honeymoon stage where everything is perfect for everyone. Months into the relationship you stop having to do out of the box things to impressive your significant other.

Body Language Cheat Sheet

Where he sets his hand can mean more than you think. Use this chart next time you are going to go on a date. Men and women both can learn something from this post.

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