These 12 People Know How To Get Right Swipes On Tinder!

For those of you who haven’t heard of Tinder, the app has become one of the latest means of finding ‘the one’, and all at the swipe of your finger. Tinder links people who have the app downloaded and connects those individuals who swipe right (approve) of one another’s profiles, allowing them to chat and get to know each other.

Here are 12 individual’s Tinder profiles that exemplify what a “swipe right” profile is all about.

12. Sometimes it’s all about cutting to the chase and being straight forward with exactly what you’re looking for. Hailey’s profile picture represents what most of us feel upon seeing her profile. Haley’s absent father and gag reflex is sure to provoke the absence of many guys ability of self control, as they shamelessly swipe right!

11. Many girls love to post pictures with their besties. Sometimes, that poses a challenge for men who stumble upon these photos, as they try to figure out which one is which. Amber, being so thoughtful and considerate, took it upon herself to save these guys the time and trouble. 

So many potential markers for distinguishing the two girls… their outfits, their hair, their position as either on the right or the left… but Amber found it appropriate to use her boobs as the distinguishing feature. 

10. Those who stumble across Elly’s profile are lucky enough to be provided with some beneficial background history. I guess formerly being fat is associated with low standards… I’m not sure if that logic stands with everyone. 

9. For Tara, it’s not so much about finding the one. It’s more about making sure the predetermined one just happens to come across her name and profile. For the guy with the surname Dactyl, we sure  hope you’re on Tinder… because this girl is sending out some serious signals. 

8. There’s something just so… popular about the gag reflex (or lack thereof). Claire has made it clear that this unique feature as been put to some good use, and gotten positive feedback as well! I guess that’s two reasons to swipe right? 

7. Julie… the perfect mixture of sugar and spice. Julie’s taken the famous saying “lady on the streets, freak in the sheets” and applied it to, what seems to be, her passion for writing. 

6. Kate, a woman who knows how to distinguish the living room from the bedroom. If that’s not a deal breaker, than we don’t know what is! 

5. Just one sentence, yet it says a mouthful. There’s nothing more admirable than a woman who owns up to exactly who she is. Chloe, you do you. 

4. Stephanie… witty “About Me” and a generous display of her curves in her profile picture. She sure is a book worm’s dream girl. 

3. Every girl has a crazy side to her, Heather is probably just one of the only few girls who’s not afraid to show it. At least she’s honest from the beginning, so you know know exactly what you’re getting yourself into… no excuses. 

2. Well well, looks like the girls aren’t the only one’s that like to be bold and honest on Tinder. Here’s Matthew, a man that has decided to cut to the chase, lay out his cards on the table, and see just how far the witty description takes him. 

1. We’re all about being open and honest, but don’t scare off the potentials. An “About Me” like this doesn’t spark curiosity about who you are as an individual, it just makes us question the type of field trips your school used to take you on. 

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