28 People Who Had One Job To Do And Failed Miserably

We live in a world where mass production has taken over our consumer world. Although the method is, overall, efficient as well as beneficial… it’s not always perfect. There are cases of mishaps and mistakes that lead to hilarious errors.

Here are 20 people (or rather machines), that had one job and ended up failing. Luckily, their failure is our source for a good laugh.

1. It’s always good to take safety precautions. We assume that’s what was going through the designer’s mind when they chose to add this banister to the railing. However, it’s also important to be able to actually use the stairs… which can’t happen with the presence of the banister. 

2. We don’t expect fast food to be a high quality gourmet meal, but we also expect our meal to be intact. C’mon, who forgets to put the cheese inside the burger? 

3. We all know what type of preventative measure you were attempting, but I think the measurement was just a tad off. Even a truck could get by if it wanted to. 

4. Either Ben has a twin or someone on the yearbook committee really messed up! This is why it’s always good to double-check your work. 

5. It’s not good to lie to your customers. We all know those orange spheres are not watermelons. 

6. Is it good fortune or bad fortune if your fortune is outside of the fortune cookie?

7. I have one question: did the painter of the word “stop” not realize the spelling mistake as he/she was painting the letters? 

8. Even a three year old child is able to distinguish between cats and dogs… always proof-read your work before to undergoes mass manufacture to the public. 

9. Everyone knows the difference between onions and corns… except the employees who packaged this corn in onion bags. 

10. Unless this bathroom stall was intended for short individuals and children, I think barrier has defeated its purpose. 

11. Just imagine being moments away from experiencing the satisfaction of having your dream kitchen completed, only to realize this mistake in interior deign and construction. 

12. I don’t know who to blame… the manufacturer or the person who purchased the mug without realizing the flaw in design. 

13. It’s important to be able to distinguish the order from the actual message. We can’t help but chuckle at the absentmindedness of this employee when they copied everything word by word. 

14. It’s hard to take a news channel and anchor seriously when they don’t bother to properly identify (or cover up their lack of identification) a suspect. 

15. This one’s a bit ironic, considering how societies attempting to actively reduce violence at school. 

16. Wouldn’t it be great if all cases of false advertising were so openly exposed before our very eyes. It would surely save a lot of money on the customer’s part!

17. Here’ s one malfunction that we don’t see everyday. We’re actually curious to see just how the unrolling process would proceed. 

18. We don’t expect fast food to be perfect, but this has go to be one of the most disappointing things we’ve ever seen. Work fast… but not that fast!

19. The labels are there for you! Written before your very eyes! How hard is it to place the correct condiments in their respective containers? 

20. Another case of manufacturing malfunction. It’s actually interesting to see machines mess up. 

21. The only thing that would be worse than misplacing the chocolate would be to forget the chocolate component altogether! Count your blessings, am I right?

22. At least you can walk around and rightfully say, “It was supposed to be a 1 but they had a typo and printed a 3.” 

23. How do you even let the spelling mistake get this far?

24. Such a tease… when the privacy is right there, but you can’t quite get it. 

25. This is an obvious misplacement of bulletin boards. If I was responsible, I would try to make it pass as some form of art and convince everyone that it was intentionally meant to be the way it is. 

26. This has got to be done on purpose, right? I can’t imagine anyone would make this mistake without realizing a huge car in the way of the pavement? 

27. How could they? How could they make such a mistake? There are no words for this tragedy. 

28. This is what happens whenever you don’t fact check, and you end up embarrassing yourself and spreading ignorance to those around you. 

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