17 Most Embarrassing Pictures the Internet Has Ever Seen

It’s sad to say, but people feed off of other people’s embarrassment. Everyone loves a good laugh, and it appears that it’s a lot funnier when it involves other individuals in a not so ideal situation.

That’s probably why we love looking at embarrassing photos of strangers. It’s not nice but it just happens to be so satisfying. That’s why we collected a set of hilariously embarrassing individuals from the web and compiled them to make one very amusing post.

1. You do you, Amigo

Here’s one dude that really didn’t want any tan lines… so he improvised a means to keep himself covered but not too covered.

2. Straight to the Face

The woman tanning surely didn’t know what she was missing out on behind her. Luckily, some clever lad made sure to get the tragic moment on camera.

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3. Body Graffiti 

Don’t fall asleep in a public location unless you trust all those around you. One wrong dip into your subconscious, and you might end up the canvas to a very embarrassing piece of art.

4. Where’s My Hat?

When it comes to the clicking of a camera button, it really is all about good timing. This very petty seagull didn’t hold back on its sass when it snatched that cap!

5. Go Fetch!

I’m not surprised that this picture went viral. This pup sure got a mouthful when he went out exploring!

6. Booty Booty Booty Rocking Everywhere?

The omniscient power of those shadow hands. That’s one illusion I would be proud to create.

7. What That In Your Pocket?

We can’t blame the guy for a physiological function, but we can laugh at the inconvenient timing and angle of this picture.

8. Keep Your Eyes On The Prize 

Another case of perfect timing. I can’t help but wonder just how badly that must have hurt!

9. Rebels

10. Hole in One

What’s funnier? The woman’s pleased face or her husband cheering on her on in the background? I must say, very creative couple.

11. Sneak a Peak

If you look closely, you can see these two children discovering female body parts for the first time. Oh, those virgin eyes are forever tainted.

12. Excuse me, Lady

I’m very confident that this man was thinking about just how amazing her personality is.

13. The Bikini 

I’m not sure undergarments of that type are too appropriate or appealing to present on the beach. What makes it worse? The tan woman standing near her, looking like she was taken out of a Victoria’s Secret catalog.

14. Slim Thick  

The power of the camera. Here’s one optical illusion that sure makes it look like we have one very un-proportionate individual tanning on the beach.

15. Pose For The Camera

That man was not aware what his speedos were doing to these two women. So powerful, they had to take a picture.

16. Pictures Are Memories That Last Forever

I’m sure this prepubescent boy did not regret documenting this moment.

17. Nope, It’s Still There

I don’t know why this sneak peak is so amusing but it might be the very fact that this girlfriend is checking his goods out in the public.

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