A Collection Of Hilariously Cute Babies To Brighten Your Day

Most people refer to their kids as “the light of their life” and with good reason. Other than the fact that your baby is another life derived from your genetics, these little people are possibly the cutest little rays of sunshine you’ll ever lay your eyes on. With those chubby cheeks, adorable smile and glowing eyes, how could you not bust out grinning?

Let’s test it out. Scroll through these pictures of the most hilariously adorable babies. Just one look and their innocence is bound to make your day brighter.

1. Some babies hate baths, but here’s one that really is soaking up the water. That smirk gives it all away. 

2. Your first few years of life, especially if you’re a first born, is bound to be a non-stop documentary. Here’s one baby that’s clearly had enough. No more pictures, mom, please! 

3. The first few years of life are actually a “critical” period for your young one, as scientifically termed. These are the year when you can discover just what your baby takes interest in. Here’s one baby boy that has some strong Canadian pride! 

4. Than you have some babies that just love the spotlight. This little one is embracing every moment under the camera lens. If only we all carried this level of happiness and enthusiasm.

5. While you’ve been exposed to the real world for years, a baby is just getting to know their new surroundings outside of their mother’s womb. Too many sensory stimuli at once, with sight, smell, touch and sound, and here’s what might happen. We can all agree that that look is priceless! 

6. We’ve all been socially groomed to believe that “It’s A Small World” ride at Disneyland is bound to make a baby overwhelmed with joy. This baby’s face implies that such a theory might just be a myth. It looks like this little one can’t wait to get off the ride. 

7. Babies aren’t even aware just how contagious their smiles and laughs can be. This mother captioned this adorable picture, “I bet the women in the stalls next to me are wondering why I’m laughing so much.”

8. It’s safe to say that this little one was blessed with some good hair genes. This proud aunt agrees as well, “My baby cousin has hair that looks like a news anchorman.”

9. That’s one way to give customers an idea of portion size. As a far as advertising goes, I’m not sure a crying baby is bound to give off the appetizing vibes you’re looking for. 

10. It’s amazing just what a sharpie can due. This baby went from innocent to “world domination” with a quick mark of a pen.

11. This may be the result of a mother who has taken so many pictures of her child, so many that she just needed to spice things up with some googly eyes. 

12. The art of photography. Here’s a parent who made something more from something less. A crying baby is just so typical. Pair the little guy up with a miniature guitar and you have a rockstar that’s getting carried away with the music. 

13. Here’s one picture that would make a great meme. While this baby is not crying over their first bath, they sure look like they have some PTSD from the wet experience.

14. They say you can’t have your cake and eat it too. This baby’s here to prove you wrong. This little one is having their cake, eating it and wearing it too!

15. Some people say that sharing is caring. This baby doesn’t care about social etiquette, probably cause he/she doesn’t know about that quite yet. Enjoy the indulgence while you can, little one!

16. If there was one picture that represents my ideal goal of emotional state, it would be this baby on the beach in a shark costume.  

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