Most People Don’t Realize What Happens To Your Body 10 Hours After Applying Nail Polish

Nail polish is such a common form of beauty that we don’t often really think about its chemical makeup. Girl, I know you love to paint your nails a different color and I don’t blame you. There’s something so confident and flattering about having nice nails.

However, you should be informed of the negative effects that nail polish can have on your body because believe it or not, they do exist and they can be bad for your health.

It’s no surprise that nail polish is comprised of a bunch of toxic chemicals that can damage both your nails and your health. 

Toluene is a solvent , which means that its a chemical that dissolves other chemicals. It is also responsible for giving the nail polish that smooth look and keeping the color throughout time. 

Toluene can is actually known for causing various reproductive disorders as well as impacting our central nervous system. It can promoted headaches, fainting, weakness, and nausea.

Now on to formaldehyde, a colorless gas that preserves the polish when you leave it sitting in your drawer for months or years. 

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