27 Things You Didn’t Know The Use For

Most of us use our everyday household items without paying much attention to the appearance and design. Little did we know that even the smallest details of these items serve significant purposes that can make our lives much more convenient. Read on to find out the quirks and tricks, and apply them to your life!

1. Next time you’re applied make up, do yourself a favor and check for an expiration sign. The consequences of using when expired include rashes, skin infections and breakouts. None of the latter sound like a fun time, so be cautious beforehand.

2. If you have one of the newer versions of the iPhone, pick it up… it’s time to inspect. You know that small black hole between the lens and the flash of the camera? That’s actually a microphone and it helps improve the quality of your video audios and FaceTime.

3. Have you ever noticed the metal plate on your stapler? You can actually  rotate this metal plate. This helps to pin the staple, temporarily fastening the staples together. Now, you won’t even need to use a staple remover.

4. For those of you who are familiar with an X-Acto knife, you’re probably aware that you can snap off the blade when it starts getting dull, and move onto a sharper layer. The cover of the knife is actually designed to ensure that the blade can snap in a safe manner. Placing the dull blade in the groove of the core helps snap it safely.

5. Ever tried to rip a piece of aluminum foil or plastic wrap, only to have the whole roll fall out. Next time you’re in this predicament, look at the sides of the box. There’s little tabs that you can pop into both sides and help stabilize the roll in the box.

6. No one tends to pay attention to the number “57” printed on the Heinz Ketchup bottles. The location of this number signals the sweet spot of the bottle… the area you tap when the ketchup just won’t budge.

7. Ever finished a lollipop and noticed that little hole on the plastic stick? That hole actually has a functional purpose. Naturally, a bit of the candy melts into the hole, allowing for the lollipop to remain more firmly on the stick.

8. Plastic containers come equipped with symbols on them, and for a good purpose. These symbols represents what type of plastic the container is made of, and acts as a recycling symbol. There’s also a symbol located on the bottom of the plastic, clarifying whether it’s microwave and dishwasher safe.

9. The little plastic ring that you find on the bottom of the bottle cap is not there for decoration. It’s actually there to help prevent any spills or leakage.

10. Your headphone jack, like most, probably has two lines on them. These two lines help distinguish and connect the left and the right speaker. Without both lines, you wouldn’t be able to hear out of both sides of the headphones.

11. The piece of fabric and buttons that come as “extras” with the clothes you purchase are not a bonus item! Nor are they to patch up clothes. They’re actually included so you can test out how different laundry detergents would effect your clothes.

12. The hole on top of your pen is not a universal design, it has a functional purpose. The companies know how often people chew on their pen caps, and the holes are place there as a precaution. In case the pen cap is swallowed, the hole will provide an airway so you won’t choke or suffocate.

13. All airplane windows have a small hole on the very bottom. This hole is placed there to compensate and maintain proper air pressure. It ensures that as the plane ascends to a higher altitudes, the pressure outside and inside of the plane will not be extremely different.

14. All Apple cables have these strange wing looking structures attached to the chargers. These are actually placed there for organizational purposes. The wings serves as a means of wrapping up the cable so that the long wire is not all over the place.

15. All converse fans have been wondering, why are there holes placed in the middle of the shoe? Many people think its just for design, but there actually placed there to provide some insulation to your feet.

16. Building on the topic of holes, have you ever noticed that rulers actually have a whole at the end. These are not to help you draw perfect tiny circles, they’re actually placed there so you can hang the rulers up.

17. Almost all ointment bottles and creams have a small indent on their cap. They’re actually to help the user use the product! All you have to do is remove the lid, flip it around and use that little indent to rip open the foil.

18. The little lumps found at the end of your cords and cables are better known as ferrite cores or chokes. They consist of magnetic iron oxide in order to suppress any high frequency magnetic interference.

19. Those wholes that you find at the end of your pot handle have multiple uses. They allow you to hang your pots and pans as well as have a place to put your saucy spatula as you wait for your favorite dish to cook!

20. The holes found in the middle of the pasta strainer also serve a functional purpose. They serves a means of measurement for exactly one serving of pasta. Now, instead of going through the struggle of weighing your food, you can just fill the hole in the strainer and you’ll know when you have one serving!

21. The little arrow found on the side of the gas gauge lets you know which side your gas cap is on. Most of us end up pulling to the gas station, parking to fill gas, only to find out they pulled up to the wrong side! Your car actually can save you some extra time and tell you exactly which side you need to park!

22. Many people use bobby pins, but little do they know that there’s actually an up side and a down side of placement. The grooved side is made to face toward your hair in order to better hold the position of your hair.

23. The metal studs on your jeans are not merely a fashion statement. When Levi’s first created their signature jeans, they found that many people would end up having rips in the lining and pockets. They created this design in order to strengthen the jeans.

24. The tiny pocket on your jeans is meant to store lose change or any other tiny object you might be carrying around. Many individuals think that the pocket is too small and is just there for design, but it actually serves as extra storage for those tiny carryons.

25. All locks have a tiny hole at the bottom that is intended to drain out any water build up. Locks are used in outdoor settings, such as for storages, and are often exposed to different weather conditions in the process. The hole makes sure that in between freezing and melting, water can properly be drained and also to avoid any rust.

26. Why is there a little hole found on the bottom of tape measures? It’s actually there to hook onto nails and screws, making the measuring process easier and much safer.

27. The little bumpy edge at the end of the measuring tape is there to help you mark distances. Since your hands are often preoccupied in the midst of measuring, this serrated edge can just be pressed against a wall to leave a small indent and serve as a mark.

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