16 People That Got Trolled By Photoshop

Social media has allowed the global circulation of photos and videos. While platforms like Instagram and Twitter make communication very convenient, they also make public access to photos convenient as well.

Some people are there strictly to take a look at the photos, but then there are some people who like to make use of the photos and photoshop them all sorts of ways. Those who are professionals can get really creative, and most of the time the end product is hilarious.

Check out these 16 individuals who seriously got trolled by Photoshop.

1. The photoshop wizard behind this photo was obviously trying to send a subliminal message.

2. He asked to look dangerous… not realistic. It’s safe to say he got exactly what he wanted (or is it?)

3. The mastermind behind this creation deserves a pat on the back. It takes a lot of creativity to recreate a photo this hilarious. Sure got me!

4. I guess this guy should have been a tad more specific with his request. At the end of the day, the guy did exactly what he was told. 

5. Here’s one clever little fella. I’m sure this girl was speechless with the end result. The guy did exactly what she asked for but she couldn’t have been to satisfied with the product. 

6. Here’s a man who simply asked to have the sun between his fingers. I’m pretty sure he didn’t expect for the Photoshop to end up like this. 

7. This lady simply wanted a lip ring. I guess there is some danger with not specifying exactly what type of lip ring you want. Too vague and you might end up with duck lips like this. 

8. There is something a little scary about oversized colorful toy aliens with no eyebrows…

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