10 Foods You Should Be Eating If You’re Trying To Lose Weight

Nutrition is key to maintaining the function of your body, and a healthy lifestyle will benefit you in the long run (more than you know).

A good diet consists of everything in moderation. There’s fat, carbohydrates, protein and fibers… all of these should be consumed but in an intermediate level of consumption that would allow your body to maximize the benefits, yet not be overwhelmed with the particular types of nutrients.

If you want to switch up your diet, and switch to that healthy lifestyle, than check out these 10 foods that are the basis of a good diet and nutrition.

1. Green Tea: This beverage is packed with many antioxidants and increase your metabolism, thereby, helping you lose weight.

How does it contribute to weight loss? The beverage has active compounds that help remove the fat from your cells. This removal is due to the boost it provides to fat burning hormones. 

2. Yogurt: Yogurt contains a good amount of probiotics that help your digestion. This good bacteria in your stomach can help protect against leptin resistance, a hormone that is linked to obesity. 

The type of yogurt you choose is important. It’s important to make sure the yogurt is full-fat and natural. The low-fat and flavored yogurts can actually assist with diabetes and heart disease, as they contain a lot of sugar.

3. Oatmeal: Oatmeal is probably the healthiest option for breakfast. People who eat oatmeal have greater levels of cholesterol and weight loss.

Oatmeal contains a great deal of fiber, helping you stay full for a good chunk of the morning. Just make sure you’re not consuming the sugar packets that are meant to be “oatmeal.”

4. Avocados: Acocados are a source of healthy fats. They help kill your hunger and reduce your belly fat. 

The healthy fat in avocados keep you full and introduce your body to healthy, natural nutrients. Filling up your body with healthy fats will help your body release stored fats. 

Additionally, barley keeps you full and satisfied for a greater period of time, therefore, reducing your intake of food overall. 

6. Almonds: While almonds are fats, studies have shown that it’s actually one of the best stimulants for weight loss. 

As discussed before, the fats found in almonds are good fats and help with digestion, bowel movements, and also help keep you fuller. 

7. Blueberries: This little blue fruit is full of Vitamin C, Vitamin E and many antioxidants. 

Researchers have found that blueberries help get rid of body fat, and it helps that they’re such a tasty treat!

8. Miso: An ancient Japanese soup that mixes broth, and bean paste with either tofu, scallion, and kelp or seaweed.

The best part of miso soup is that one bowl is only 25 calories, yet it contains 2 grams of protein. But wait, there’s more! It also contains B12 complex and protective fatty acids. 

9. Healthy beans and legumes curb your appetite from processed foods and unhealthy snacks while boosting your fat burn. 

Beans protect your heart and help get rid of unhealthy body fat. 

10. Sauerkraut: This pickled cabbage contains many probiotics and probiotics that promote healthy weight loss.

As it balances your gut flora, your immune system will improve and your risk of stomach inflammation and your insulin resistance will decrease, thereby, decreasing the risk of obesity. 

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