10 Reasons You Are Gaining Weight

Losing weight is that one goal that takes a lot of effort and patience to accomplish. Eating healthy and exercising takes a lot of determination, motivation and commitment. However, you need to make sure you’re going about the weight loss process the correct way, or else you might end up wasting your time and not seeing the end goal you’ve been waiting for.

Check out these 10 essential tips that will help you shred those pounds quickly and make your weightless journey a little less tedious.

1. You Are Not Eating Breakfast: We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yet, we tend to forget just how important it is. Many of us end up skipping that first meal and that can actually put off our weight loss. Each a big, healthy breakfast to get your metabolism working earlier on in the day.

2. You Are Not Getting 7-9 Hours of Sleep: When you don’t get a sufficient amount of sleep every night, you prompt your body to release cortisol, a weight gaining hormone. This does not imply that you should sleep the entire day away. Too much sleep can backfire and end up increasing your body mass. Experts recommend a good balance, 7-9 hours a night.

3. You Are Not Going Outdoors: Did you know that physical light can actually have a toll on your metabolism. Don’t stay indoors for too long. Open up the curtain and take a step outside. Just 20-30 minutes of exposure to sunlight can have an effect on your body mass.

4. You Are Not Keeping A Clean and Comfy Bedroom: Keeping your bedroom clean means that you are preventing any environmental toxins from sticking around and allowing yourself to get a better quality of sleep.

5. You Are not Measuring Your Weight Every Day: Just making an estimate by looking at the mirror is not sufficient enough. Weigh yourself every morning, and see if your weight loss plan is working so you can make adjustments if not. This will keep you on your toes and keep you motivated.

6. You Are Not Leaving Any Room In Your Stomach: We were raised to believe that we had to finish every last bite of what was left in your plate. In reality, it’s not always good to eat until our we are completely full. Try eating in smaller portions or smaller plates to regulate the intake.

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